Winnie Morrow


Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc.
P. O. Box 390 30 Alabama St.
Cave Spring, GA 30124

History of Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc.

In June of 2000, a group of artists, teachers, and interested persons gathered together in Cave Spring, Georgia to provide an arts programs for children to supplement existing school curriculums. The resulting arts organization is named after Cave Spring artist, Alton Holman. 

Alton Holman was a talented photographer who was educated at the Georgia School for the Deaf. His photographic record of architecture, environments, and events is a treasure. Alton also spent many hours working with children especially Boy Scouts, both deaf and hearing, and was a beloved figure in the area.

Alton Holman Heritage Arts, Inc. has held classes in pine needle and wood splits basketry, bead making (by hand and by torch), carved walking sticks, crochet, felting (working raw wool into hats), kaleidoscopes (glass), marbling, oil painting, papier mâché puppetry, porcelain painting, pottery, Pysanky (Ukrainian egg batik), quilting, rosemaling (Polish decorative painting), silver clay, stained glass, storytelling-drama, tatting, weaving, woodcarving, and woodworking (using hand tools).  Instructors are practicing artists, several nationally acclaimed. 

We host schools, as well as intergenerational workshops in collaboration with other non-profits. In masonry our students built a brick foundation for the Cave Spring Historical Society. AHHAS collaborated with the Cave Spring United Methodist Church to teach repointing of bricks, and, more recently, plaster application and repair for their two 1880’s National Register buildings.

Workshops held in the summer or on weekends, such as our two-week Theatre Arts in the Park camp, offer grand day experiences. During the theatre camp, classes such as voice, stagecraft, acting, and stage movement are attended by students aged 8-17. A final production or display is staged for the parents, children, and public to enjoy after all workshop sessions. 

Facilities are rented for optional overnight sessions, which incorporate evening activities, family style meals, and an even more satisfactory sense of community for AHHAS alumni.

AHHAS was incorporated in Georgia in October of 2002, and became a non-profit organization in March of 2004. You can find a calendar of scheduled workshops, theatre camp coordinators, a list of available classes, and how to donate to help students take part in our non-competitive, nurturing programs.